Each individual will have a unique to them timeline for healing. As a point of reference, if you have been sick for 2 years it will likely take months minimum to unravel the chain of symptoms and heal the root cause. See the healing expectation timeline to better understand what to expect.

Naturopathic medicine is the process of identifying and treating illness by supporting the body’s innate ability to heal thyself. During the healing process, a Naturopathic doctor will educate the patient about their illness and how their healing may occur. Insert image of naturopathic tenets.

Naturopathic doctor’s, like myself, spend 4 years in a rigorous post-bachelors doctoral program studying medicine. 

Because Naturopathic medicine is not yet a licensed form of medicine in Massachusetts, insurance can not be billed.

The complexity of your case will determine how long we need to set aside for your initial visit. You’ll take a questionnaire to determine how long to schedule for.

First Visit
  • 2 hours in-person or telehealth – $550
  • 1 hour in-person or telehealth – $275
Follow-up Visit
  • 1 hour in-person or telehealth – $250
  • 30-minute in-person or telehealth – $125
  • 15-minute phone call check-in – $50

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