My patient’s experience relief from years of symptoms that would not go away as I look at their individual case of lyme and design a treatment unique to their condition.

Do you think you have Lyme?

Have you tried antibiotics and still feel terrible?

Have you tried natural therapies and found yourself confused?

Let me pave the road to your health. My job is to discover the path that aligns with your body’s innate ability to heal. I will listen to your unique case and create a plan that not only makes sense for your body but is not going to add stress to your life.

I have had SO many patients that worked with wonderful practitioners that simply gave them too much to handle in terms of healing. This leads to me often beginning by taking them off of supplements and discussing the pros and cons of their medications.

I offer a new way of treating lyme because I am educated in the medications, supplements, protocols, homeopathy, low dose immunotherapy, energy work, and our relationship to our illness.

If you are ready to work with me, I know your body is ready to heal. I am here to inspire you and reignite your faith in your body’s innate wisdom. While I simultaneously use my expertise to choose the appropriate path to your health.

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Whether acute or persistent Lyme, there are many misconceptions and a lot of confusion around how to treat tick-borne illness.

If you believe that you were not heard, I will listen and create a plan WITH you. If you still don’t feel well, I will assess your symptoms and find a new solution. If you have been on antibiotics for years and are getting nowhere, I will work to help you find a better plan.

I help you heal Lyme by listening and working with you.

With Naturopathic medicine we can use multiple modalities to heal you. We don’t simply look at killing the bug, but we look at how the body has responded and what we can do to create harmony again.

I use a combination of clinical interaction, diet, lifestyle, genetic and functional lab testing, supplements, homeopathy, and in certain cases, medication to help you attain health once again.

Treatment Options

Botanical Medicine

If you search the internet, you can find any assortment of Lyme protocols. I am familiar with many of them. Yet, I don’t typically use protocols because I am treating you, not Lyme disease. 

Botanicals have a variety of mechanisms, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, supportive to the GI tract, just to start. All of that activity is a bit more than a single-function medication.

Botanicals can be used synchronously to treat the whole person and the variety of symptoms they are experiencing. Some of the botanical protocols that I mix and match include: Byron white, Beyond Balance, Stephen Buhner and Cowden protocol through Nutramedix.

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